Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

You Don't Have To Be Flashy To Be Stylish. Simplicity Is Class!

These days a lot of people confuse being flashy for style. They assume having a large wardrobe stuffed with designer labels or apparels makes you stylish and classy or having expensive jewellery  all round your body at once or  by drowning yourself in a pool of different coloured clothing. This is an utterly wrong perception. Being well dressed and stylish is a thing of the mind, it's creativity, it's an art! The ability to be able to combine wears perfectly even with the smallest of resources or simple but quality and classy apparels in itself is style.

Whatever outfit you come out with, it's also best to keep it simple but sophisticated. Though you must have a wardrobe that looks great on you, try not to overdo it. You must never wear more than three pieces of jewellery (unless you are a rapper/musician) or more than three colours at once so you don't look like you are in a fancy dress competition. You don't need excessive brands, accessories or colours to be stylish. The quality and combination of your outfit, accessories and colours is what speaks about your style.





Style icons like David Beckham, Pharrel Williams, Scott Disick, Michele Obama, Halle Berry, Beyonce are all icons we can draw inspirations from.
Here just a few tips to consider if you want the simple/classy stylish look.

1. Always make sure you wear simple but quality apparels (Designer labels or Not)

2. Always make sure your accessories like watches, necklace or pearls are  of very good quality as these speak about your class. Don't wear too much jewellery at once.

3. Mix up your colours perfectly and don't wear more than 3 colours at once. Mix matching colours or using too many colours can never make you classy.

4.  It is all about your shoes.  A pair of elegant high heels can transform the most simple outfit into a chic creation, while the most gorgeous look can fade when paired with frumpy shoes. While keeping the rest of your outfit simple, you can always let your shoes to show your true class.

5. It's important you always have a groomed look. Make sure your hair or facial hairs are always spot on.

6. Get rid of anything that doesn't fit you, and try to let go of attachments to clothes that you just don't wear.

7. Always smell nice!

Your external looks are influenced by your internal state. So whichever state you are internally should reflect your outfits. Be free to express your personality be it simple or flashy. For the simple dressers don't think being flashy is the only way to being stylish. As you invest in the inner you, your outer appearance will benefit.

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