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Be Stylish

Monday, 20 January 2014

Fashion NO! NOs! Faux Pas That Should Be Avoided.

Many times people step out and they think that they are looking their best. There are lots of things in your outfit that are so wrong and you either take no notice or you just assume it is ok. There are also certain things you should not be doing, wearing or even using which are very wrong fashion statements.. Little things like these actually speaks wrongly about your personality.

Here are just a few NO NOs we should learn to avoid.

Fashion NO NOs for Ladies.

1. Ladies when you wear your heels or shoes, never leave the label on the shoe.

2. Ladies, It's like a crime in this age to leave your panty lines visible, some ladies actually do this on purpose and may actually think it's a lure for men but it actually makes you look plain stupid. There are too many nude thongs and seamless undies on the market for this to be a problem in 2014.

3. Bad fit clothes! I think you should always make sure that clothes should always be your size, not too small and not too big. If your clothes are giving you serious discomfort, then you should be sure its too tight and if your outfit has no structure to your look, it’s just messy. Oversized!

4. Wearing a  backless dress if you have back fat is a NO, NO, NEVER, NEVER! It is just not flattering to see.

5. Please Never wear deep V neck dresses if it's going to show the top of your bra and also never let your bra strap show.

6. Combining too many colours at once. Mixing too many colours is just a turn off and this also goes for the men too.

7. Tights with holes in them. I see a lot of ladies do this like as if it's some kind of trend. It just only tells how much careless and unkempt you are. If you can't wear a neat tights then it says so much about what your panties may look like.

8. Too much accessories, i call it 'Accessory Overdose'. Accessories compliment every look but doing it too much automatically downgrades any look. Simple is best!

9. If the shoes don't fit, don't wear them! There's nothing as awkard as when you wear a pair of sandals or heels with your toes sticking so far out. Donate them to charity!

10.  If you can’t walk in your heels, they’re probably too high. There are lots of moderate flats or low heels out there! You DON’T need to wear stilettos all the time to be fashionable.

Fashion NO NOs for Men

1. Gentlemen, Never leave your suit tag or label on. It just makes you look tacky.

2. Low hanging or sagging trousers or jeans on men. Only 15 year old black kids have a remote chance of carrying off that look. And even on them it looks indecent.

3. Too much Bling Blings. Only Rappers and rock stars are permitted to carry this look and even that should be left for the music videos, photo shoots or concerts. Unless you are one, you will look completely tacky.

4. Belt with Suspenders. Guys, this is overkill. If you’re wearing suspenders, you don’t need a belt, and vice versa. Pick one and go with it.

5. Socks and sandals. Grown men should never get caught out wearing socks with their sandals.

These are very necessary tips on 'fashion fails' to avoid. You can always guarantee that at Plush Styles we will always give you the best tips on how to look your best always. Stay with us!

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