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Be Stylish

Monday, 6 January 2014

How Stylish Are Leather Pants?

Back in the days, wearing a leather pant gave you that rebellious, bad and crazy look which people saw as un-classy. They were associated with weirdo rock stars and crazy bikers. These days Leather pants is a huge style statement! Leather pants are unique fabrics which can be worn during winter or summer and on a casual, formal or fun look for both men and women as long as they are worn correctly.

Combining a variety of materials and fabrics in one outfit keeps the look fresh and current, while taking a bit of focus off the leather. The best thing about rocking leather pants is that, Since you are showcasing the lower body, it goes with just any other fabric. Silk, cotton, denim, velvet or wool. I particularly fancy the silk on leather look. The silk on leather pants gives you that sleek stylish look that not a lot of people tend to have in their wardrobe. It's not an outfit which you see everyday.

If paired right, leather pants can give you a classy look not just the street style or casual approach.

The Leather look:

Leather pants can be paired with high heels, boots, flat shoes, tassels, loafers, trainers and even 'formal shoes'.

Here are few points that will help you get the right look if you are interested in trying out the leather pants.

1. Pick a well fitted pant! Wearing the right size is very important, buy a pair that not only fits well but is comfortable too. You can get away with wearing any other slightly over sized pants but not leather pants. Get the right fit so you can wear your leather pants with confidence.

2. Don't wear too many leather pieces all at once unless you are going out on a bike ride. It would make you look like you are just out from an action movie from back in the 70s.

3. If you don't have the guts to pull any other colour, stick with classic black colour leather, or go for dark brown. Experiment with the colours on the other clothing or accessories on your outfit.

4. Pick the right footwear if you want to rock leather pants. For a casual look go for a stylish pair of boots (Ankle boots for the ladies). But, for a more formal look try a great pair of heels with your outfit. Loafers, Tassels are another great options to go with too for both men and women.

This winter, spice up your wardrobe with stylish leather pants which will give you a sleek, modern and fashionable look. They can be worn comfortably and stylishly to bring out more in your looks. It will keep you warm during the cold winters. It adds glamour to your wardrobe and make you a stunner. Enjoy the new year!

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