Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Friday, 31 January 2014

How To Pull Of That Daily Red Carpet Look

Let's face it! Every one wants to look glam, everyone wants to look fab, everyone wants to have that red-carpet look and everyone has that one celebrity that we admire especially when they hit the red carpet at events or ceremonies.

You see them on TV glowing, looking glamorous and it makes you feel less stellar about yourself. But these stars are normal and they are just like us, they don't roll out of bed looking perfect. They go through a great amount of styling and grooming to look they way they do on the red carpet and any public appearance. With a good amount of self grooming, attention to detail and fabulous outfits, you can get your self in that 'red carpet' look for any event or ceremonies.

Here are a few tips to give you that daily red carpet look.

1. No matter how little, get tighter! Some people generally don't just like work outs or exercises. Am not suggesting that you should do an intense work out everyday. Just a few minutes exercises a day will not only get you fit looking for your event or the red carpet but it will also make you healthy generally. A few weeks to your event or occassion? Then you may get intense work out.

2. Improve your body skin. It's always important to look fresh and clean so it's essential you get a moisturiser that suits well with your skin, go for products that has balance and will enhance your natural skin colour. Different skin products always work differently for different skin types so there's no pointasking you to get a particular product. Look for one that works well for you.

3. Facials is just as important. Your face represents you! Your face is one of the first part of your general appearance that people look at first even when they meet you for the first time. So taking care of your face is very necessary.

i. A natural way to keep your face fresh is to wash your face with hot/warm water to open up and clean your pores and then use cold water to close your pores. Keeping your pores clean, closed and tight gives it that fresh looking face.

ii. You can also use exfoliating products daily to remove dead skin cells on your face. If you want something natural then, Sugar is a natural exfoliant, mix it with honey then you have a natural exfoliator.

4. Your outfit! Notice the 'Fit' on the word outfit? Simply means on your outings always get the right fit!  If you don't have a fit, you don't have the fashion! If it feels like it's uncomfortable on you, don't wear it! I have always talked about colours too. Your colours must be combined properly. (Check my write up about colour combinations).

5. Always accessorize but don't over do it. Always remember that accessories make or break you look. So less might be more.

6. For the ladies, keep your pedicure and manicure game very good. Neat hands and feet is a good way to show off your cleanness and glamour.

7. Ladies, Your hair and hair styles are important. Keep your hair clean and refreshingly smooth. For impressive results, use the lightest product that works for your hair type, and use it sparingly.

Guys, if you keep a beard, make sure it's always well groomed, well trimmed and neat always.

Some may think it’s all hard work, but it's not, if you do this on a daily basis, it won't have to be a whole lot to do when you are ready to step out for your occasion or event. Once you are out there looking naturally refreshed, naturally beautiful and naturally handsome, it’s all worth it!

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