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Be Stylish

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

GRAMMY AWARDS: A 'Plush' View Of The Best And Worst Dressed!

Yes! it's that season again where all the buzz, hype and fashion critics focus on one of the most glamorous red carpets event in the world, the other being the Oscars. 

This years grammy red carpet, just like any other was filled with faux pas's, those who got it awfully wrong and those who got it right. Red carpet events are meant to be all glamour. Err a little bit of crazy creativity is allowed but it's mostly a glam event.

Here's a few of the looks and what i thought.

Rihanna as always divides opinions, she's a stunning girl and the Giambattista Valli ball gown is beautiful but here she looks like a 'Birthday cake'.  This is not for Rihanna. Bad

Brann Dailor must have thought this event is a costume party so he came as 'spotty' from the super ted cartoon. Ok but in all seriousness, this should not be a red carpet outfit. Bad!

Oh well Madonna was just being Madonna, these kind of outfits or should i say costume are best left for on stage, Givenchy or not. Bad!

Like i said, it's allowed to get creative on the red carpet but that does not include turning out in a bag of onions! Joy Villa did a major Faux pas. Simply unacceptable on the red carpet! Worst outfit of the night.

Jennifer Hudson was far from being a bad outfit on the grammy red carpet, in fact she looked amazing in her white Tom Ford dress, fit wise. I would have added a bolder statement necklace (diamonds) and bracelet to the look. I know they say "Simple is more" but the dress is already simple enough. Just Ok!

Questlove, it's quite a good thing he tried something different with the suit and sneaker combo but his overall look is just NO! he's clothes doesn't seem to fit and everything he's wearing is just disorganized. Bad!

We all love Ed'Sheeran but he's just one of those types who doesn't care about how he looks or wonders what all the fuss is all about. His talent alone just speaks volumes for him. Monster talent but Bad outfit!!  Love you Ed'

Here are the standout looks  

Bow down to Queen Bey!! She always keeps it 100. Stunned the red carpet with her plunging black gown. Always glam!  Faultlessly Good!!

Jay z and Nas both came with the boss aura. Impeccably dressed men!  Faultlessly Good!

Nicki Minaj, 2nd year in a row that Nicki is bringing her 'A' game to the red carpet. Wearing a cleavage baring black Tom Ford dress fitted perfectly to accentuate her curves. She looked red carpet worthy. Faultlessly Good!

Iggy Azalea, she simply looked like an angel in her braided hair and royal blue dress which emphasized her very lovely curves. Good!

What a beautiful dress from Ciara. The Alexandre Vauthier dress shows off her best assets. Her Legs. The secret about looking good in an outfit is showing off your best features. Good!

Wow! For once Rita Ora looks glam! Maybe a new image entirely for her as she spots a new hairdo. Nonetheless she looks gorgeous in that Prada gown. Faultlessly Good!

Kimye!  Kanye and his wife are always crazy we know but their craziness always works. Kim rocking a gorgeous diamond detailed Jean Paul Gautier dress which worked well for her and Kanye on a velvet Balmain and as usual being creative with his boots on suits! I must say worked well. New trend?  Good!

Neyo! He knows how to rock the red carpet. Perfect gentleman! Color combinations, fit, accessories, all on point as usual. Faultlessly Good!

Angelique Kidjo, African prints is always exciting to wear especially if well fit and pieced together. This piece showed off her curves and keeps her traditional.. Brave! Good!

That was a recap of the grammy red carpet looks. What's your take? Leave your comments! 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Men Style: Do You Know Your Body Shape?

Most times I have always gone about ladies and body shapes, body types and how they can style themselves according to their shapes. Today, i will be talking about men and their body shapes. 

A lot of men out there do not understand their body shape let alone knowing how to style it. Did i hear someone say why should  i bother? Yes you should because that’s when you’re able to accurately choose what clothes look good on you and relieve your self of all the mess in your wardrobe.

There are 3 major body shapes for a fully grown male adult. The ectomorph, the mesomorph and the endomorph. When you understand your body shape, it is much easier to cloth yourself accordingly.

The Ectomorph: Men with these body shapes are slim, lean and they hardly add up muscles. They got the build of a marathon runner but very low on muscle. It can be hard to pack on size despite hours in the gym. They have flat chest, sometimes small shoulders, they are thin and burn calories really quick so their workouts are short and intense.

How to dress: These type of men should stay away from overly loosed clothes. A good fit will just fit your body, allowing for movement while highlighting your slim physique. Look for “slim fit” in shirts, sweaters, blazers, and coats. When it comes to dress shirts, go for a spread collar. A slim frame is significantly easier to dress than a large one simply because clothes hang better on slimmer bodies. The same logic goes for your shorts and pants. Wear nothing nothing oversized.  Also avoid anything that contains elastic as these clothes tend to stick too closely to your body rather than gliding over it and make you look malnourished.

The Mesomorph: They gain fat more easily than ectomorphs but when they work out, results are seen very quickly. Mesomorphs are the athletic guys and usually have a rectangular shaped or V shaped body. They look well built without setting foot in a gym, and they pack on muscle the instant they pick up a dumbbell. Gaining weight and loosing weight not and issue to them. They are genetically blessed.

How to dress: Depending on the size of your shoulders, go for either a regular fit or a slim fit shirts of a perfect size. Men with the rectangular shape are better off with the slim fit shirts. For your pants, go for straight leg pants as that will balance out your broad shoulders. If you are the type that likes the skinny jeans, this body type best suits that.

The Endomorph: They are hardest body type to have in terms of managing your weight and overall fitness. They are usually called 'the chobby' guys.They have a round body, gain weight very easily and store a lot of fat. They also find it hard to loose weight and their muscles are not well defined. However when they work out, they gain muscles too but with more intense work.

How to dress: Wear clothes with simple patterns, prints and designs. It's also important to wear jackets and suits with slight shoulder pads to create slimmer look and balances out a heavy middle. Avoid pleated trousers, go for a straight, relaxed fit in pants.

After all said and done, bare in mind all these body shapes don't mean one size or height. You can be a short mesomorph or a tall endomorph or even a small ectomorph. These are just body shapes. So consider heights and sizes when piecing your outfits together. 

Drop your comments or email if you have questions and if you are in need of style advice.