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Be Stylish

Friday, 31 January 2014

How To Pull Of That Daily Red Carpet Look

Let's face it! Every one wants to look glam, everyone wants to look fab, everyone wants to have that red-carpet look and everyone has that one celebrity that we admire especially when they hit the red carpet at events or ceremonies.

You see them on TV glowing, looking glamorous and it makes you feel less stellar about yourself. But these stars are normal and they are just like us, they don't roll out of bed looking perfect. They go through a great amount of styling and grooming to look they way they do on the red carpet and any public appearance. With a good amount of self grooming, attention to detail and fabulous outfits, you can get your self in that 'red carpet' look for any event or ceremonies.

Here are a few tips to give you that daily red carpet look.

1. No matter how little, get tighter! Some people generally don't just like work outs or exercises. Am not suggesting that you should do an intense work out everyday. Just a few minutes exercises a day will not only get you fit looking for your event or the red carpet but it will also make you healthy generally. A few weeks to your event or occassion? Then you may get intense work out.

2. Improve your body skin. It's always important to look fresh and clean so it's essential you get a moisturiser that suits well with your skin, go for products that has balance and will enhance your natural skin colour. Different skin products always work differently for different skin types so there's no pointasking you to get a particular product. Look for one that works well for you.

3. Facials is just as important. Your face represents you! Your face is one of the first part of your general appearance that people look at first even when they meet you for the first time. So taking care of your face is very necessary.

i. A natural way to keep your face fresh is to wash your face with hot/warm water to open up and clean your pores and then use cold water to close your pores. Keeping your pores clean, closed and tight gives it that fresh looking face.

ii. You can also use exfoliating products daily to remove dead skin cells on your face. If you want something natural then, Sugar is a natural exfoliant, mix it with honey then you have a natural exfoliator.

4. Your outfit! Notice the 'Fit' on the word outfit? Simply means on your outings always get the right fit!  If you don't have a fit, you don't have the fashion! If it feels like it's uncomfortable on you, don't wear it! I have always talked about colours too. Your colours must be combined properly. (Check my write up about colour combinations).

5. Always accessorize but don't over do it. Always remember that accessories make or break you look. So less might be more.

6. For the ladies, keep your pedicure and manicure game very good. Neat hands and feet is a good way to show off your cleanness and glamour.

7. Ladies, Your hair and hair styles are important. Keep your hair clean and refreshingly smooth. For impressive results, use the lightest product that works for your hair type, and use it sparingly.

Guys, if you keep a beard, make sure it's always well groomed, well trimmed and neat always.

Some may think it’s all hard work, but it's not, if you do this on a daily basis, it won't have to be a whole lot to do when you are ready to step out for your occasion or event. Once you are out there looking naturally refreshed, naturally beautiful and naturally handsome, it’s all worth it!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Should Men Carry Clutch Bags (Man Purse) ?

Many years ago it was almost a sin punishable for a man to carry bags. These days it is absolutely different as the men's bag business is doing better than ever and raking in millions. Any man of fashion knows that bags have become a necessary tool and style accessory, it's not just a lady's item anymore. I am not talking about briefcases, laptop bags or backpacks which some men carry around as necessity to carry around their everyday work documents or basic needed stuff, am talking about carrying man purse (Clutch bags) as a fashion statement and accessory. 

Man purses or 'Murses'  as they are called is nothing new. It's an accessory that just a few years ago would have called a man’s sexuality into question but it's every where these days and it is seen as a fashion statement!

Personally, i think it is great sense of style for men to carry bags if it is meant for work purposes or to carry around uncomfortable personal stuff, but carrying a 'Clutch bag'  just only as an accessory for fashion statement? Am not so keen on that. If man wants to make a fashion statement then the bags he carries should be fashionable and trendy enough to serve these two purposes, Utility and style statement not just some fancy Louis Vuitton clutch bag under his armpit. 

That said, i think it depends on how it is used. It is definitely uncomfortable to have lots of things shoved into your pocket and having to adjust them every now and then during the day. A better option would be to go for a small bag where these items can fit into, perfect for everyday use and at the same time for speaks well of your style. Some men pull it off much more that some so it also depends on the man himself, his charisma, body carriage and personal style. It is best you find out first how well you can pull it off or how good it would look on you first before you try using it.

Personally, i don't have one and would not carry one but i totally see the point if it is used correctly and for utility purpose first before the fashion statement.

What do you think? Would you carry a 'Murse'? Or are you happy to see a man use one?

Friday, 24 January 2014

Suits For Women: What To Look Out For When Buying And How To Look Good In Them.

I have written about tips to look for when buying a suit for the men and i think i should do likewise to for the women. I personally respect when a lady wears a suit/blazer. It make her look powerful, direct and very professional.

Suit for ladies can be tricky for women to find, i will let you in on a few tips on what to look out for but the first thing to ask your self is what look do you want? Skirt or pant suit? or just casual suit? If you have decided what look you want to go for then you can decide how and what to wear with it.

Skirt look; With the skirt look, you 'may' need to also wear pantyhose with it but that is not really compulsory. Avoid a mini skirt at all costs, and be careful of slits in the skirt. Make sure the skirt is just a little above your knees or just and inch below your knees which will give you a more moderate look. It's Also better to avoid pleated skirts as they just add a bit more bulk.

Pantsuit: The best thing about wearing pant suit is the comfort. You have no restrictions with it as long as it is a correct fit. 

Casual suits: Some suits looks more casual than others so if you are going for a for casual look, wearing a suit with lighter fabrics like cotton or linen is the best option, mixing and matching it with a pair of fitted jeans or a simple fitting dress.

What to look out for when buying a suit.

1. Look for a trim suit that hugs your body but not too tight, good enough for your hands to move freely. The suit should drop and stop at your hips. That's your perfect size as anything longer won't look sharp.

2.The most obvious tip is to pick a suit that hugs your waist and shows off your curves and also consider your body shape.

3. The single button blazer is the best choice as it closes just under the busts and brings out that sillohette. If you are blessed with a bigger bust then better for you.  

4.Always remember to check for suit quality. Well-made suits have full linings, neatly finished lines and hand sewn buttonholes. 

Women's suits don't have a strict set of rules like men's suits, but you'll still want to make sure that your suit fits your shape and size. What you wear with a suit is just as important as the suit itself. 

It's important that the  accessories you choose to wear matches well with your suit look. If you choose a professional look (skirt suit or pantsuit), simple and basic accessories are always best. What you wear with the suit should also be of lighter colors. For a more casual look, you can go with a colorful blouse or camisole underneath and a bit of heavy but jewelry.

There women's suits are available as 3-piece sets, with a jacket, pair of pants, and skirt included. Great options for women who don't want to buy separate pant and skirt suits.

Thursday, 23 January 2014


African Dazzle a UK based international Magazine voted us at Plush Styles as the fashion stylist of the month of January. The first of the year 2014. They wanted to know what makes Plush Style thick and asked me a few questions on the growing brand PLUSH STYLES.

Read the full interview here:

Please feel free to let us know  what you think. And please have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Fashion NO! NOs! Faux Pas That Should Be Avoided.

Many times people step out and they think that they are looking their best. There are lots of things in your outfit that are so wrong and you either take no notice or you just assume it is ok. There are also certain things you should not be doing, wearing or even using which are very wrong fashion statements.. Little things like these actually speaks wrongly about your personality.

Here are just a few NO NOs we should learn to avoid.

Fashion NO NOs for Ladies.

1. Ladies when you wear your heels or shoes, never leave the label on the shoe.

2. Ladies, It's like a crime in this age to leave your panty lines visible, some ladies actually do this on purpose and may actually think it's a lure for men but it actually makes you look plain stupid. There are too many nude thongs and seamless undies on the market for this to be a problem in 2014.

3. Bad fit clothes! I think you should always make sure that clothes should always be your size, not too small and not too big. If your clothes are giving you serious discomfort, then you should be sure its too tight and if your outfit has no structure to your look, it’s just messy. Oversized!

4. Wearing a  backless dress if you have back fat is a NO, NO, NEVER, NEVER! It is just not flattering to see.

5. Please Never wear deep V neck dresses if it's going to show the top of your bra and also never let your bra strap show.

6. Combining too many colours at once. Mixing too many colours is just a turn off and this also goes for the men too.

7. Tights with holes in them. I see a lot of ladies do this like as if it's some kind of trend. It just only tells how much careless and unkempt you are. If you can't wear a neat tights then it says so much about what your panties may look like.

8. Too much accessories, i call it 'Accessory Overdose'. Accessories compliment every look but doing it too much automatically downgrades any look. Simple is best!

9. If the shoes don't fit, don't wear them! There's nothing as awkard as when you wear a pair of sandals or heels with your toes sticking so far out. Donate them to charity!

10.  If you can’t walk in your heels, they’re probably too high. There are lots of moderate flats or low heels out there! You DON’T need to wear stilettos all the time to be fashionable.

Fashion NO NOs for Men

1. Gentlemen, Never leave your suit tag or label on. It just makes you look tacky.

2. Low hanging or sagging trousers or jeans on men. Only 15 year old black kids have a remote chance of carrying off that look. And even on them it looks indecent.

3. Too much Bling Blings. Only Rappers and rock stars are permitted to carry this look and even that should be left for the music videos, photo shoots or concerts. Unless you are one, you will look completely tacky.

4. Belt with Suspenders. Guys, this is overkill. If you’re wearing suspenders, you don’t need a belt, and vice versa. Pick one and go with it.

5. Socks and sandals. Grown men should never get caught out wearing socks with their sandals.

These are very necessary tips on 'fashion fails' to avoid. You can always guarantee that at Plush Styles we will always give you the best tips on how to look your best always. Stay with us!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Looking Stylish In Your Traditional Attire

Fashion has always been an important part of any country's cultural life and society. There is nothing that speaks more volume about being proud of where you come from than a traditional or cultural attire. People pride themselves in where  they come from by donning these beautiful regalia. It is a form of loyalty. The Indians, the Chinese, the Africans, the Scottish,  the Japanese and so on all boast of an attire that makes them proud of where they come from.

Fashion and style has really come a long way in recent times as these days we see people wearing traditional attires of different cultures and being very stylish with them. From the Indian Salwar Kameez (Khaftan) and Sarees to the Nigerian Ankara and Ghanaian Kente attires all the way to the Scottish Highland dress, these traditional wears can be worn in different ways to bring out a more modern look.

Prints and patterns are usually seen in African attires and they bring about a certain kind of unique style when sewn or made with a more western style or combined with the westernised casual style. This is just adding more spice to an already beautiful attire or giving it a different look.

These days we see Indians and non Indians wearing the Salwar Kameez style of clothing but with a western touch. We have also seen the westerners in African prints, Sarees made by different European fashion designers. These days both the established and new designers are transforming traditional attires into modern pieces. The world is now a global stage for fashion and different people buy into different traditional outfits to improve their personal styles. My Point exactly is while being proud of your traditional attire, you are putting a distinct personal style into it by adding a touch of modern look.

Here are a few traditional attires mixed with a modern look to inspire a few styles.




The last thing you want is to be stuck back in time with your traditional attire, so as fashion evolves so should your style. Even though style last forever, a few touches to bring it up to date will do no harm to it.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Golden Globe Awards: How The Stars Turned Out

When there is an event as big as the Golden globes there is bound to be huge media coverage, public scrutiny and great expectation from the celebs in terms of what they look like on the night. On this night of the Golden globes some celebrities turned out in style and some turned out in drabs.

These stars are like the benchmark and they are also the scapegoats in which some people get their fashion or style inspirations from so feel free to criticise and scrutinize them.

Most of the men came in tuxedos so we have a general look there. The ladies gave a different look to their outfits.

Here's a few looks on who wore what, how they wore it, who came out best in what they wore and my picks on the best dressed of the night.

                                               Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian

                                      Angela Bassett chose a black pleated gown with a deep V-neck

                                            Sharp looking  Bradley Cooper

                                  Diddy brings his usual sophisticated look to the red carpet his Tuxedo

                                                 Jennifer Lawrence


                                              Jessica Chastain in a strapless black patterned dress.

                                             Julia Roberts in Dolce and Gabbana

                                            Leonardo Dicaprio in a black Tuxedo

Lupita Nyong'o the '12 Years a Slave' actress kept it sleek and modern in caped silk Ralph Lauren gown.

                                  Mike Tyson looking like a champion in a black Tom Ford suit.

                                                Mila Kunis

Nancy O'Dell looks stunning in this royal blue.
                                                Naomi Watts dazzles in a Tom Ford gown

                                           Orlando Bloom looks smart in the Tuxedo suit.

Reese Witherspoon  sparkled in a beautiful teal dress. For me the best coloured dress on the night.

                                              Sandra Bullock

                                          Taylor Schilling in a beautiful silk dress

                                      Actor Terry Crews looks dapper in a dark blue, fitted tuxedo.

                                        Usher is always Usher in whatever outfit.

Great styles!  But without a shadow of doubt, My best dressed on the night is the African beauty Lupita Nyong'o.  What do you think?