Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Looking Stylish In Your Traditional Attire

Fashion has always been an important part of any country's cultural life and society. There is nothing that speaks more volume about being proud of where you come from than a traditional or cultural attire. People pride themselves in where  they come from by donning these beautiful regalia. It is a form of loyalty. The Indians, the Chinese, the Africans, the Scottish,  the Japanese and so on all boast of an attire that makes them proud of where they come from.

Fashion and style has really come a long way in recent times as these days we see people wearing traditional attires of different cultures and being very stylish with them. From the Indian Salwar Kameez (Khaftan) and Sarees to the Nigerian Ankara and Ghanaian Kente attires all the way to the Scottish Highland dress, these traditional wears can be worn in different ways to bring out a more modern look.

Prints and patterns are usually seen in African attires and they bring about a certain kind of unique style when sewn or made with a more western style or combined with the westernised casual style. This is just adding more spice to an already beautiful attire or giving it a different look.

These days we see Indians and non Indians wearing the Salwar Kameez style of clothing but with a western touch. We have also seen the westerners in African prints, Sarees made by different European fashion designers. These days both the established and new designers are transforming traditional attires into modern pieces. The world is now a global stage for fashion and different people buy into different traditional outfits to improve their personal styles. My Point exactly is while being proud of your traditional attire, you are putting a distinct personal style into it by adding a touch of modern look.

Here are a few traditional attires mixed with a modern look to inspire a few styles.




The last thing you want is to be stuck back in time with your traditional attire, so as fashion evolves so should your style. Even though style last forever, a few touches to bring it up to date will do no harm to it.

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