Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hey Ladies!!! What Does Your Shoes Tell About You?

Am here again and this time for the ladies and as a ladies man *winks*, I'll tell you girls a little secret. Little did you know, the shoes you choose to wear sends out certain signals about you. Did you know this?

Whether your favourite pair of shoes is a sexy stiletto or sporty sneakers, your shoes speak volumes about your personality. Girls love to buy new shoes all the time, maybe for a hot date, a party, events, sometimes even for competition with other females but many are unaware of the importance of shoes in sending out messages about themselves. All shoes convey some sort of message about our personalities and tendencies. When women are going on dates they often pay far more attention to what designer clothing they are going to wear without realising what huge difference a well selected pair of shoes can make. And yes! guys do pay attention to your feet. I read in some stats somewhere that the average woman has approximately 25 pairs. By the appearance of her shoes, you can tell how serious a woman takes her life. If the shoes are old, dirty or worn out, can tell you what kind of lady she is and if she able to take care of herself or her family.

You can tell a lady by how expensive her shoes are and you would be surprisingly accurate. The more expensive the shoe tells you she's high maintenance. It could also mean that this girl is rich or she works hard to afford shoes like this and that means less time for you the partner. Each Lady shoes can send a different message. For example

The Loafers Lady: Not the most fashion conscious girl around, the loafer wearing lady is all about comfort before style. She’ll be low maintenance but it’s not going to be much good to you if you can't convince her to come out partying with you, she'll rather be in the library. There’s a good chance she’s also in full granny pants.

The High Heel Lady: A girl with confidence in the way she looks and has some good fashion sense. She also may be slightly high maintenance. She sees herself as sophisticated and sexy in the way she walks around in them. Stilettos imply a woman is walking with a purpose, like she wants to achieve something! High Heels give women full confidence. That aside, she'll be fun to have a night out on the town with.


The Knee high boot lady. She's daring, powerful and not afraid to be noticed. These shoes look sexy whether they are flat or high. She's usually the adventurous type.

The Ballet Shoes Lady: Ballet shoes shouts femininity! The great thing about them is they can be worn in every environments, dressed up or not, depending on the outfit. They can fit in your hand bag and are great to take out with you on nights out to swap for your heels when you can no longer feel your feet! Ballet shoes demonstrate you a practical person, girly, but you want comfort.

The Flat Shoes Lady: The lady who wears a flat shoe usually does not like to dress to attract attention and they think practically. Wearing flats every single time shows that you are a very laid back person who does not really care about what others think. She's a care free spirit and a woman on the go.

The Wedges Lady: Women who wear wedge shoes are usually straight forward, confident and love power. In relationships they seek for reliability and trust.

The Sneakers Lady: She's athletic, down to earth, and not bothered what people think. She's probably fitness fanatic and like to hit the gym or go for runs. she's are an outdoor type character who is not afraid to get naughty and dirty, she's laid back and easy going, Up to date with other issues. She's Low maintenance and comfortable around guys as she is with girls. She's an all rounder.

The Christian Louboutin or shoes higher than £1000 Lady: She's a shoe crazy type, probably very rich, a celeb or a gold digger but definitely high maintenance. There's a chance she has a separate shoe room stacked full. She takes her shoes very seriously to her they are not just shoes but prestige. For the guys, unless you are fully loaded, you cant afford her.

Some ladies are a combination of all of these I mentioned, so this is not to say all ladies are either one or the other. In all said and done, the most important is to make sure your appearance is one of the things people  should admire about you. It is essential. Image is everything. Thanks for reading!


Monday, 16 September 2013

Watches: What Does Yours Say About you?

The watch is just an accessory but it is like a mirror to which people look at your sense of style, social status and your person. I'll just simply put it. Your watch defines YOU! 

Finding the right watch is like finding a spouse. Pick a great one and you'll keep it forever but pick the wrong one and you'll be dying to change it after a year or two.

There are different reason why people choose watches. Some people pick watches to suit their  occupation, some for formal reasons, some a watch for sport or holidays, some pick a watch just to know the time and some pick a watch for their status and for the prestige it brings while some pick their watches for the class and durability.

When communicating with people, one of the first things people notice is your hands because we make a lot of gestures with our hands and on that hand could be an important timepiece. People looking at your hands will likely notice what is on your wrist. Give them something to enjoy that is worth all the attention.

A classic timepiece will give an  in depth look into your psyche, your personality. What statement are you really making by choosing to wear the watch you have on?

You Want to create an image of a confident, successful intelligent person who people should take seriously? Then make sure you are not wearing a cheap watch. You may think that no one will notice but you are wrong, they will. It's like wearing a watch that is not working, it makes you look stupid. It's better not to even wear one.

Unlike men, watches for ladies are like a piece of jewellery and therefore should be changed to complement any other jewellery they wear such as rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. As a result most women will need a variety of watches, a silver bracelet watch, gold bracelet watch, a sporty watch and then any amount of fashionable trendy watches.

There are different types of watches, Sports watches, Fashion watches and the traditional watches, I recommend you get at least one of each but whichever one you are have , make sure the it fits the outfit. It will feel very awkward combining a G-shock when dressed up in a sharp suit and tie.

Enhance your status with a stylish and classic timepiece. A fine watch will further boost a smart suit or dress or even a casual outfit.  It doesn't have to cost a fortune but it has to be a very good and respectable piece.

Whether you're going for the full gold or a more 'casual' rubber band style, a watch can set the tone for your look so it's always important you invest in a watch that befits your personality and your style.

Friday, 13 September 2013

10 Must Have Accessories For men.

In a man's wardrobe, there are certain things you must have to keep you looking stylish. Accessories are what make outfits look stunning  and I'll show you at least 10 must-have accessories.

A scarf will keep you warm and looking stylish, it's a great have for the cold seasons. It's also goes well during the summer too. There are different ways to rock a scarf but let's leave that discussion for another day.

Sunglasses are an essential piece of kit for any man. Get a trendy pair or two.

Leather bags are practical, stylish and an investment piece that will never date.

You can never go wrong with a great pair of socks. Make sure you have a variety of colours. The importance of socks are usually under estimated.

Ties show class! The quality of your tie shows your taste and your class. Invest in different colours of ties for different outfits.
One important tip: Never wear your tie below your belt. It should not be too short or too long.


Cufflinks are just as important as your ties, they also show class, taste and your style. Add a unique one to your suit outfit and a few to your wardrobe. Ladies, cufflinks can be a very good gift for your man. TAKE NOTE!


A hat will always add a touch of cool to any outfit, while you are at it, grab a cap too for your casual outfits. I personally love caps.

A Wallet will keep you organised and will never date. It's another accessory that shows your taste. Invest in a very good leather one.

The Belt is one of the most important accessory a man can have. There are 2 types of belts: those that you can only wear in casual outfits (with jeans etc) and those that you can wear in both formal and informal outfits, so it's important you know how to differentiate both. I'll leave that topic till another day.  I advice you have both types.

Wristwatches are definitely the classiest and most expensive of accessories, depending on the brand, quality and type. Your watch tells a lot about you such as your taste, status and social position. Invest in a very solid wristwatch it will boost your confidence. A solid Watches demands respect and gives you that respect from people.
Along with your shoes and your belt, the watch is one of the things a woman notices when checking a man out. I just had to chip that in.

These accessories are a must have and they compliment whatever outfit that you come out with. Have I missed out any? Let us know your thoughts..

Monday, 9 September 2013

Difference between a £200 and a £2000 Suit?

Once in a man's life, he is expected to purchase, have or have to wear a suit. Depending on the man's taste, style, ego or pocket comes the type of suit he will wear or purchase. Depending on these factors a man will either go for a cheap suit or the luxurious one which brings me to the difference between both.

The first difference is that cheap suits have mass produced patterns. Once a suit is targeted to fit a more general audience, it is usually priced lower. If it’s made to fit a particular group of people, it’ll be priced higher as it targets a smaller audience but one that is willing to a pay a premium for a better fit styles that suit them.

Cheap suits are machine made and are cut loose with the idea in mind to fit as many men as possible therefore their patterns fits just about everyone. A massed produced suit is may need adjusting in several places before it fits your body perfectly and with the cheap material of the product it may be difficult to adjust because there is little extra fabric to cut out of.
With luxury suits, they do a better job making their clothing from a less mass produced pattern which means the buyer must somewhat fit the pattern to start with.


Another difference is the fabric or the cloth( as it is called by designer tailors). Most massed produced suits are made of synthetic polyester and rayon. Suits made of wools are always more expensive as well silk and you will agree with me that silk is more difficult to produce and handle hence why it's quite expensive.

There is also the difference of the manufacturing skill and method which the suits are made. They have impacts the cost too. Suits made by machine is cheaper and quicker, bringing the price down, while hand sewing which luxury designers do takes time and skill making the clothing more expensive based on cost and labour.

The advantage of tailor made as opposed to machine made is the attention to detail, precision and durability. Mistakes made by machines in production are sometimes spotted and sometimes not. It is highly unlikely that a skilled tailor will sell a finished suit with any errors or flaws in production.

There is also the brand name difference. Designer brands have built a reputation for themselves over the years and so if you are after brand names, you will have to pay for being associated with these brands. Loads of people don't want to know the difference in quality but are swayed by just the brand names. These luxury designers know this and so you are practically paying for the names not quality.

Obviously not every one would afford the luxury brand suits and everyone wants to wear expensive brands suits. Like I said at the start of my write up, it depends on every man's taste, style, ego or pocket, whichever you fall into is which ever you will acquire, it doesn't make you less of a man or less stylish. Style yourself according to your taste. For those who got style but low pockets and want to rock cheaper suit and still look a million bucks, the key is being able to spot quality. Know your fabrics and fits. Anyway that's a topic for another day, Just stick to this page to learn more to get a bargain.

What do you think anyway? £2000 on a suit waste of money?

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Embrace Your Street Style Looks. Love these outfits?

Fashion and style can never be complete without the street style. It is from the street that these fashion trends tend to evolve from. The fashion shows, runways, brands and luxury designers all get their inspirations from the street.

It is important being Stylish in our 'Run around looks', we can look to the streets of London for inspiration on how to look hot and stay cool.

Street style is your 'away from the office, formal look'. Your daily day to day look and it's nice to bring out the best out of your look.

Here are some street style looks that can inspire your style.










Whew!!! Leather pants always does it for me.

Enjoy the rest of the summer rocking your best looks and coming out smoking hot!