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Be Stylish

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Designer Vs High Street: Which one does it for you?

It is definitely  a shallow thing to judge people on what they wear, but you just can’t help but notice the woman who walks down the street with a pair of Louboutins on her feet or that chick who is rocking some impressive Micheal Kors Bag or the guy the attractive Louis Vuitton suit and the Guissepe Zanotti Shoes. So, designer or high street? Which comes out victorious in the fashion world?

Ideally, buying designer clothes should be about the design. Our Designer purchases should be about three values, design, quality and then branding.. But a lot of people don't have this motive. Many Just purchase designer either just for the brand or just to show off.
Designer items are made of better quality than high-street ones so therefore last longer but the difference may not be as large as you think, these days, you can get great quality high street clothing that will last for years. Sometimes Designer doesn’t necessarily mean quality and sometimes surprisingly good quality may be found on a budget. Research the brand and know what you are buying if you want quality.

What I believe makes high street fashion so wonderful, is that it is consistently versatile. It has somehow created fashion for the unfashionable. You see people on the street effortlessly looking like Top models in these high street brands and luckily, we are seeing less 'chavy' track suits and more detailed styles. These days, fashion plays a much bigger role within society.

Years ago fashion was for the wealthy and the famous however, fashion has become much more realistic and is aimed at the wider public and is now more accessible to just anyone. High street brands like H&M, ZARA, Topshop ,  River island,  Next, even online ones like ASOS and so  on put fashion in the hands of the wider public. Their items are of very good quality and stylish too. Now you can even see some designer brands teaming up with the high street brand because the competition is a lot more fiercer for example Versace and H&M.

I am in no way insinuating that the high street is better but for the simple fact that they put fashion on the streets which is the main thing am concerned about is what makes it wonderful. Going for a celeb style look with a smaller purse for those who can't afford the big league is very nice.

Designers on the other hand is UNQUE and one of the main reasons why designer brands remain popular is that they offer special, pioneering designs. However, high streets are quickly beginning to incorporate the latest designs in their clothes, which is making designer clothing less distinctive.





Deciding which is better for you designer or high street may be difficult  but you really  don’t need to shop designer to look smart or stylish. So, in answer to the question of whether to buy high-street or designer clothes, I say: analyse where the value is. Is it in design, quality or just in branding? Thinking through those three should make the decision easy.


  1. Well personally I think both goes a long way, am a designer freak but sometimes match it up with high street to get that smashing and gorgeous look.
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  2. You are absolutely right. Mix and match is the best way to come out with the perfect outfit. Thanks for your comments.