Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Do You Carry Yourself and Your Style the Right way?

There is more to just wearing good clothes and having them fit. how do you think you would be rated if you are going to a lavish function, all dressed in an expensive outfit, the suit fits you well, the dress is intact, fitted and very well combined but what if you still do not look great.  Do you know why? It is mainly because you are missing the most important thing 'The way you carry yourself'. Your posture, composure  and character is also important in emphasising your style. You have to also have the poise and the charisma to go with your style.

We are mostly worried about how well the dress or suit fits and how well we look good but how many of us have stopped and actually thought seriously about how we are standing, walking, our movements and how it might be affecting the way you look? I think it is very easy to underestimate just how important having a good posture is, even more so for those that have a keen interest in fashion and the way they dress.

Your posture sends a very different message out to people. It sends a message about how you feel about yourself. a good posture shows off  a good outfit, and it shows that you are happy in what you’re wearing and more importantly it sub consciously shows you are happy with yourself, and are comfortable with who you are not to mention shows you are oozing of confidence.

Little Tips:

Always try not to slouch or drop your shoulders, keep your back straight and your shoulders upright and stand straight up.

A sloppy appearance, messy hair and wrinkled clothes sends the message, 'I don't care' and no one would ever take you seriously. The way you walk, sit and your calmness should have an air of confidence and surety. You should also work on the way you talk and walk. Another important thing is your body movement and gestures. Most people unconsciously use gestures to back up what they are saying. Watch people talking at parties, during a meeting, during a class, at dinners, they all use their hands as a direct illustration to what they are saying such as using their hands to describe an object or and action. 


Finally, you have to be aware that people do notice your posture. The same way as people will notice your shoes first, they will take particular notice of someone that looks confident and seem more assured of themselves and holds their head up proudly. It implies that they are comfortable in the way they look and in the end that really makes a big difference. Work on your general appearance.



  1. Charisma goes a long way before you turn out looking like an expensive baboo
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  2. Absolutely! no point in looking good with the outfits if you cant carry yourself properly.