Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

It's Okay To Take Some Fashion Risks!

I see people saying 'I wish I could wear this or wish I could wear that' or 'I could never pull that off'. It makes me kind of wonder what in the heavens is stopping them? Size? Colour?. Guess what? You can totally pull off any look you want to! You just might need a little practice and confidence. According to our instincts for self-preservation, we, as humans, cling to what is safe and even when we recognize the benefits that can be afforded by a deviating from our normal course of action, we find ourselves sticking to what is familiar. For example you order the same food you are used to in restaurants or practice the same boring tradition that your parents always had even though your mind tells you otherwise. If  we don't take some form of risks then we may not be able to know exactly what works or doesn't work. A man might face embarrassment and rejection by approaching a beautiful woman, he won't ever meet someone so attractive if he doesn't risk being turned down so unless we stroll away from the normal path, we wallow in mediocrity.

Dressing well takes practice and you have to take some risks. You may have to get it wrong a few times before you realizes what works for you but that's absolutely normal. The social risk of wearing something outside your comfort zone can be intimidating. You feel like everyone is noticing your clothes or shoes or hair, but you are uncertain of what they think. You just don't feel 'at home' in your own clothes. I  am very sure Mr Kanye West must have felt kind of  awkward when he stepped out in his white stripped 'shadeless'  shades which by the way became a trend at the time or his sneakers on his tuxedo suit but no one will argue with me how huge Kanye is as a fashion icon or will ever doubt his sense of style. Rihanna as well is known for her immense sense of style but often steps out in bizarre outfits and am sure she also would have felt awkward at first but they thrive in confidence in pulling off the risk taken. You just need to overcome the  initial awkwardness until it passes. Until then, you can't judge the way they look on you objectively.




Remember ' The fit' is everything but there are always rules when it comes to fashion. They can be broken but you have to know them before you can break them.

If you see a style that you really want to try but are a little intimidated by it, practice wearing it around your house till you gain confidence with it. You need to feel comfortable with the look to be able to pull it off and as long as it fits you will definitely be able to pull it off!

If it is a dress you are rocking or a mix and match print or it's not your style to show off some skin or you just feel the outfit will not go down well with your size, colour, prints, whatever it may be. Sometimes it's cool to turn up your style by challenging yourself to rock something out of the ordinary by putting the fab fashion trends to the test.


  1. It's ok to take some risk but at the same time some risk ain't just called for.
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  2. If it looks good on you and you have the confidence to pull it off.. why not?