Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Monday, 10 June 2013

Colours are everything, Know how to combine colours! 

Ever wonder how some of your favourite celebs put colours together to create eye-catching and fabulously colourful outfits? It's simple! it's all about knowing which colour suits them and they are brave enough to mix and match other colours that go with the colour which suits them.

Wearing the right colours can help you appear more vibrant, alert, and even younger. The wrong colours can make you appear sickly, older, and can wear you instead of you wearing them

Here let me give you a tip:

Combing a fuchsia or bright red dress with a cobalt blue is such a fun and bold combo.

Brown is a neutral colour, it will go with virtually any colour but it is not bright, so combing a brown with a bright colour like yellow will give a perfect outfit to rock your day with.

This also goes for the men as well, rocking a dull coloured outfit should be combined with a bright coloured one or accessories. Mixing colours is an essential skill for any man who hopes to dress well.  Mixing colours can create two effects: harmony or disorganization. When we mix colours in an outfit, we want to choose colours that work with each other to create an appearance that’s pleasant to look at, not a mash of colour that looks chaotic.

One of the questions guys ask me all the time is how to match one’s clothes. This question is basically about colours because that’s where most men have the biggest problems.

You want to standout from the crowd?  Then Match your colours correctly even if they are all bright colours. For example blue will always go well with white, so will black and yellow, red and black as well as grey and black.


For  more questions, advice and if you are having problems finding the right outfit, colours and style... Email,connect on twitter and contact us. It's always best to look your best.


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