Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hey Ladies!!! What Does Your Shoes Tell About You?

Am here again and this time for the ladies and as a ladies man *winks*, I'll tell you girls a little secret. Little did you know, the shoes you choose to wear sends out certain signals about you. Did you know this?

Whether your favourite pair of shoes is a sexy stiletto or sporty sneakers, your shoes speak volumes about your personality. Girls love to buy new shoes all the time, maybe for a hot date, a party, events, sometimes even for competition with other females but many are unaware of the importance of shoes in sending out messages about themselves. All shoes convey some sort of message about our personalities and tendencies. When women are going on dates they often pay far more attention to what designer clothing they are going to wear without realising what huge difference a well selected pair of shoes can make. And yes! guys do pay attention to your feet. I read in some stats somewhere that the average woman has approximately 25 pairs. By the appearance of her shoes, you can tell how serious a woman takes her life. If the shoes are old, dirty or worn out, can tell you what kind of lady she is and if she able to take care of herself or her family.

You can tell a lady by how expensive her shoes are and you would be surprisingly accurate. The more expensive the shoe tells you she's high maintenance. It could also mean that this girl is rich or she works hard to afford shoes like this and that means less time for you the partner. Each Lady shoes can send a different message. For example

The Loafers Lady: Not the most fashion conscious girl around, the loafer wearing lady is all about comfort before style. She’ll be low maintenance but it’s not going to be much good to you if you can't convince her to come out partying with you, she'll rather be in the library. There’s a good chance she’s also in full granny pants.

The High Heel Lady: A girl with confidence in the way she looks and has some good fashion sense. She also may be slightly high maintenance. She sees herself as sophisticated and sexy in the way she walks around in them. Stilettos imply a woman is walking with a purpose, like she wants to achieve something! High Heels give women full confidence. That aside, she'll be fun to have a night out on the town with.


The Knee high boot lady. She's daring, powerful and not afraid to be noticed. These shoes look sexy whether they are flat or high. She's usually the adventurous type.

The Ballet Shoes Lady: Ballet shoes shouts femininity! The great thing about them is they can be worn in every environments, dressed up or not, depending on the outfit. They can fit in your hand bag and are great to take out with you on nights out to swap for your heels when you can no longer feel your feet! Ballet shoes demonstrate you a practical person, girly, but you want comfort.

The Flat Shoes Lady: The lady who wears a flat shoe usually does not like to dress to attract attention and they think practically. Wearing flats every single time shows that you are a very laid back person who does not really care about what others think. She's a care free spirit and a woman on the go.

The Wedges Lady: Women who wear wedge shoes are usually straight forward, confident and love power. In relationships they seek for reliability and trust.

The Sneakers Lady: She's athletic, down to earth, and not bothered what people think. She's probably fitness fanatic and like to hit the gym or go for runs. she's are an outdoor type character who is not afraid to get naughty and dirty, she's laid back and easy going, Up to date with other issues. She's Low maintenance and comfortable around guys as she is with girls. She's an all rounder.

The Christian Louboutin or shoes higher than £1000 Lady: She's a shoe crazy type, probably very rich, a celeb or a gold digger but definitely high maintenance. There's a chance she has a separate shoe room stacked full. She takes her shoes very seriously to her they are not just shoes but prestige. For the guys, unless you are fully loaded, you cant afford her.

Some ladies are a combination of all of these I mentioned, so this is not to say all ladies are either one or the other. In all said and done, the most important is to make sure your appearance is one of the things people  should admire about you. It is essential. Image is everything. Thanks for reading!


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