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Be Stylish

Monday, 9 September 2013

Difference between a £200 and a £2000 Suit?

Once in a man's life, he is expected to purchase, have or have to wear a suit. Depending on the man's taste, style, ego or pocket comes the type of suit he will wear or purchase. Depending on these factors a man will either go for a cheap suit or the luxurious one which brings me to the difference between both.

The first difference is that cheap suits have mass produced patterns. Once a suit is targeted to fit a more general audience, it is usually priced lower. If it’s made to fit a particular group of people, it’ll be priced higher as it targets a smaller audience but one that is willing to a pay a premium for a better fit styles that suit them.

Cheap suits are machine made and are cut loose with the idea in mind to fit as many men as possible therefore their patterns fits just about everyone. A massed produced suit is may need adjusting in several places before it fits your body perfectly and with the cheap material of the product it may be difficult to adjust because there is little extra fabric to cut out of.
With luxury suits, they do a better job making their clothing from a less mass produced pattern which means the buyer must somewhat fit the pattern to start with.


Another difference is the fabric or the cloth( as it is called by designer tailors). Most massed produced suits are made of synthetic polyester and rayon. Suits made of wools are always more expensive as well silk and you will agree with me that silk is more difficult to produce and handle hence why it's quite expensive.

There is also the difference of the manufacturing skill and method which the suits are made. They have impacts the cost too. Suits made by machine is cheaper and quicker, bringing the price down, while hand sewing which luxury designers do takes time and skill making the clothing more expensive based on cost and labour.

The advantage of tailor made as opposed to machine made is the attention to detail, precision and durability. Mistakes made by machines in production are sometimes spotted and sometimes not. It is highly unlikely that a skilled tailor will sell a finished suit with any errors or flaws in production.

There is also the brand name difference. Designer brands have built a reputation for themselves over the years and so if you are after brand names, you will have to pay for being associated with these brands. Loads of people don't want to know the difference in quality but are swayed by just the brand names. These luxury designers know this and so you are practically paying for the names not quality.

Obviously not every one would afford the luxury brand suits and everyone wants to wear expensive brands suits. Like I said at the start of my write up, it depends on every man's taste, style, ego or pocket, whichever you fall into is which ever you will acquire, it doesn't make you less of a man or less stylish. Style yourself according to your taste. For those who got style but low pockets and want to rock cheaper suit and still look a million bucks, the key is being able to spot quality. Know your fabrics and fits. Anyway that's a topic for another day, Just stick to this page to learn more to get a bargain.

What do you think anyway? £2000 on a suit waste of money?

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