Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Take On Difference between Fashion And Style

Now Let’s talk about this whole “fashion” thing or would you call it a “style” thing? A lot of people do not know the difference between fashion and style. Last weekend i was having a discussion with a friend who also is quite stylish, we argued about the difference between both, to me it was amazing how he didn't know the difference between fashion and style. This inspired me to write on this topic now for the sake of those who don't know, am going differentiate the both.

Fashion is a general thing and is a trend that constantly changes. It is a trend that is difficult to keep up with because it can change by the decade, by the season, by the year and even weekly. What is considered in fashion today could possibly be different tomorrow. There’s no sustainability in fashion and one could go so far as to say fashion can be wasteful. Wasteful as in, a closet full of barely used clothes, left unused because they’re no longer fashionable or wasteful as in the stacks of money spent chasing trends because everyone else is doing it and it’s fun to have the latest, greatest wears.
Most people who follow fashion trends aren't entirely true to themselves because they seem to wear things or like things because they are 'in' or because they are popular and everyone else wants it regardless of if it goes well with them or not. This is where  style or stylist comes in.

Style on the other hand is personal, it is you! Style is what speaks about your personality even before you open your mouth to speak.  It translates clothing as an extension of your personality. The more you dress to your personality, the more stylish you'll become. This is not to say a stylish person does not follow fashion trends, They can follow a trend, adopt and adapt to these trends but most importantly put their unique touch on it. A lot of people do not have style, they just rock what fashion is in trend and couple it up all together. A stylish person cares about what flatters their skin tone, hair colour and body type, regardless if it goes against what’s in fashion. To me, it shows a great ability to balance individuality with conformity, a good understanding of their body’s strengths and weaknesses, and most of all, a strong sense of self.
Fashion takes the attention away from you, it’s on the clothing, the items deemed to be fashionable but style brings the attention directly to you.

Few times a Personal style can turn into fashion trends but Fashion trends do not turn to personal styles because everyone will be wearing that trend.

So like i said at the start of this write up, Fashion is always moving and changing which makes it very different from style. Just like the great Fashion Icon Yves Saint Laurent said, "Fashion is is eternal."

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