Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Friday, 30 August 2013

Tassels, Loafers, The Universal Shoes

Tassels are stylish and charming type of shoes, apart from the fact the look absolutely cool on various outfits, they are very comfortable to wear and they work with a variety of outfits, for a variety of occasions, all year round.

My love for tassels has gone so deeply, i own different types of shoes but always seem to find myself rocking these tassels. Tassels go with almost any outfit, any situation and any combination, you can even rock them with socks or sockless and they will still carry a great sense of style that’s both casual and sophisticated.

These shoes are easy to wear with different outfit.

The T-shirt and jeans outfit is casual enough to go sockless, making this an outfit, you can hit the town for any casual occasions.

The Suit and tie outfit is a bit more formal and you can wear your tassels using socks while you are off to your office, wedding or any occasions that requires your formal look.

Tassels also look great when rocked with shorts. The tassels on a T-shirt and shorts will always look great for any summer outing.

My favourite tassels are definitely the Kardinale (Fernando Pessanto)  collections and suede tassels are always my pick among tassels, I think they are much more sophisticated. They are just simply beautiful!

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  1. When a heel is said to be a stacked heel, the heel has a look which appears to be stacked pieces of wood or other material giving the height effect.