Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Monday, 7 October 2013

Style Is Ageless: Tips To Looking Stylish For Older Ladies.

These days fashion and style is aimed and marketed at the younger generations, slowly neglecting that the older people still have to look good. I would not entirely blame the fashion world for this because as a lot of women age, they tend to slow down on their fashion and sense of style. They feel they have lost that sexy vibe and energy the younger ladies carry. This should not be so as women should always be beautiful and attractive to look upon. Being stylish is not a thing of youth only. You can be stylish and attractive regardless of your age, so matured women should look attractive, interesting and stylish without seeming tacky and unaware of themselves.

Learn what suits your body shape and skin.  The first thing to consider when trying to look stylish at an older age is your body shape. When you start getting older, your body shape begins to change and so does your skin tone, so what used to look great and sexy on you suddenly starts to look stupid on you. It's important you pick outfits that goes well with your body shape.

Keep your style but forget about Fashion trends. Trying to keep up with fashion trends at an older age is a bit of a hassle because fashion keeps changing every season but your style remains unique to you. Your aim should be comfort and elegance in your outfits.

Accessories are very important. I have seen a lot of older ladies wear too much accessories. i don't understand why they get this wrong. Don’t wear your entire jewelry box, focus on one or two wearing one standout piece at a time. Keep it simple glamour.

A dress will always look great on you and will flatter you. Wrap dresses are great styles. Sleeveless dresses plus good accessories looks lovely too. I keep reading that women of a certain age don’t like their arms out. If you really don’t like your upper arms out, a light jacket will work for your outfit quite well.

High Heels are always important in  every ladies wardrobe age regardless, so if you emptied out your heels from your wardrobe, I'd say get them back! You don't need something too high but you should always have them in your wardrobe.

Get some Blazer jackets/suits. They are a great stylish look for ladies of all ages.

If you are the office or professional type, trousers and not panty house is what you need now. The days of panty hose to the office are behind you. Get a fitting pair of lady trousers matched with a good pair of high heels and a nice fitting for suits that have a softness to them

Jeans on a lady always looks good and contrary to what some section of people think, jeans on older ladies are good for a casual look. Just avoid the low waist ones. Take the time and try on a variety of sizes and styles to find the most flattering, age appropriate fit.

For our ladies across the continent (Africa) small prints gowns or traditional/ native outfits are important in your style as well. Make sure the attire is well fitted to your body type.

Thanks for stopping by and If you are helped by what you read in this post then please feel free to comment and share with your friends or email me for more advice, question or tips if you need any.

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