Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Monday, 21 October 2013

Fashion And Style At The Award Shows. Who Passed And Who Failed?

In the last seven days there has been two major awards ceremonies The BET HIP HOP AWARDS and the MOBO AWARDS and when these events takes place one of the major look out is always the fashion and styles. Everyone wants to see what their favourite celebs stepped out in.

Fashion and styles forms the core of entertainment and today i bring to you what the stars wore and how they stepped out. Who wore what best and who was the best dressed or worst dressed.

Here are a few pictures, you decide.

BET HIP HOP AWARDS (This was strictly hip hop style):

Sunglasses, tunic shirt, printed pants and boots. This was style risk and with high risk comes reward.. Verdict: B.o.B looked good.

Mayweather, throwing on expensive gear does not equals good style..  Verdict: Epic Fail Mr Mayweather.

Future, went for a classic hip hop look.. Verdict: Good

Uncle Snoop Lion, denim pants along with a blue printed shirt buttoned right up to the top made popular by snoop himself in the 90s. Verdict: Looked great on him.

2chainz, i don't just like this dude's style but that's his style and i respect it. i think he's weird. Verdict: For me that's a NO. For you, maybe?

Meek Mill kept it quite simple but with a bit of gold set on top of all-black everything. Verdict: Simple and stylish is always good. YES!

Tell me what you think about her outfit?  Verdict: It's ok to take fashion risks. In her case did it pay off? YES! but a little bit too revealing.

Here are some more ...



At the MOBO's was a little less of the hip hop style we had a bit mix up of styles.


Who did it for you at the MOBO's? Lets know your thoughts

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