Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Friday, 1 November 2013

How To Look And What To Wear On A First Date..

They say first impression lasts the longest and this is very true. Most Ladies are always caught at a cross road on what to wear on their  first date meeting a hot guy.

On the first date it is always a sensible idea to play safe until you know each other better, and if things go well on this date then there will be lots of other chances to pull out all the fashion tricks that you have. You don't want to look like you are trying too hard on that first date. It also Obviously depends on where you are going on the date.


Here are a few tips to consider while dressing for a first date:

1. Dress for comfort: Wear something you feel comfortable in, don’t wear those too tight jeans that leave you gasping for air, and if you’re not a heels kind of girl, no sky high heels, unless you’re a pro at walking in them and know they aren't going to kill you or have you somersaulting down the stairs.

Avoid outfits that you can't sit comfortably in or outfits that haven’t been really tested, am sure you don’t want to find out half way through your date that your skin tight skirt has an unfortunate way of riding up your bottom when you make some little movements, it's really embarrassing. You won't give a good impression if keep shifting, moving and wincing uncomfortably all night.

2 Dress for the venue: It's very important that your chosen outfit is ok for the place that you will be meeting up. You are obviously not going to dress the same way if you are meeting up at a night club and having a walk in the park. You don't want to step out looking out of place.

3.Dress to keep him imagining: The number one aim of first a date is to present an image  of who you are as a  beautiful, fun, sophisticated, intelligent and witty catch, so it's important you dress likewise. Showing off a bit of flesh is very advisable but do that with uttermost sophistication. So wear nothing that is too tight, too short, or shows too much thighs or cleavage! Showing off a bit too much too early can unfortunately shatter this image. The basic rule should be that on this occasion reveal just enough to get him interested and leave him wanting more! More importantly both of you won’t be distracted by wardrobe malfunctions.

4. Dress for yourself and be confident: Wear something that makes you feel great within. Confidence comes from within, so if you feel great, your date will definitely notice. If you’re a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl then don’t go and force yourself into something you are not on your first date. It's easier to even plan the venue of your first date on your kind of person and style than to be uncomfortable with who you are not. It's important for your date to know who you are from the start. So if you are a tattoo or piercing styled person, try as much as possible not to cover them up fully. If they don't fancy your style then it's an easy one, they are not the one for you!

For the men, It's not much of a problem like the ladies but depending on the occasion and venue, you can’t go wrong with good quality jeans or well fitting trousers, (please make sure that the trousers are not too tight and your crotch dangling out, its off putting to some ladies), a shirt, maybe a tie if the occasion or venue calls for it or T shirt and a jacket. It's important to look clean, smell nice and give the impression you can take care of your self. You are not on a date searching for a mother.

So, you both have made an effort, you both look great but the most important thing is to feel amazing in whatever you wear and when you feel amazing, your date takes note and it feels easier to relate with each other that way.

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