Be Stylish

Be Stylish

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Your Style: The Importance Of Smelling Good.

Your scent is an important factor in completing your overall style. Smelling nice is part and parcel of being sophisticated. It distinguishes character and expresses personality. Sense of smell is just about the strongest sense human beings have and your scent is one of the most powerful tool for your recognition. If you want to leave a permanent impression in your environment, you should not only look good, but also smell good. Think of that person who smells so bad, it's disgusting right? Now think of that guy/girl who always walks past you with that unique scent and smelling like heaven itself. You can't get enough of them, right? That's one importance of smelling nice.

It's not just enough to look like David Beckham, Pharell williams, Justin Timberlake or Beyonce. Imagine one of these above mentioned style icons looking so good stepping out and not smelling so good. It is a known fact that you actually gain more respect and look better to people (Especially the opposite sex) when you smell great. Your Scent plays a major role in the biology of sexual attraction.

Fragrances can smell differently on different people. Just because someone smells good in a scent does not mean that this certain fragrance is also right for you, it really depends on your skin chemistry. For some, certain scents don't blend with their skin type and for others any scents blend in. First figure out what colognes works for your body then go with it. Form me, am quite lucky with my skin and most colognes works for me. My preference being Gucci guilty, Tom Ford (black orchid) and Armani code.

Choosing the scent that suits you is not an easy task. Let the scent set into your skin before smelling it, that way the fragrance sinks in and then you know which smells better with your skin. You cannot just smell from the scent strips put  out in magazines or fragrance testers offered at the perfume shops because it really depends on your skin chemistry. You don’t just go for whatever takes your fancy. For some, It takes a while to know what type of fragrance is right for you.

Several methods of applying fragrance is to squirt or spray all of your pulse points, over your heart, behind you ears, on your neck, inside both wrists, inside both elbows, lower abdomen, and behind your knees. It will last you all day depending on the type of fragrance.. An added extra is to spray the back of your neck and your hair(ladies) if you know you're going to be getting a hug, or up close and personal with someone. It's also nice to carry around the mini bottles with you if possible for a bit of refreshers during the day.

The way you carry yourself and dress matters a lot to your personal style, add your fragrance to that and you will leave people drooling after you. It's always good to leave a good impression and even better if you leave your sweet scent for people to crave after.

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